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03:17am 28/08/2008
  10 Christina Icons
2 Christian Bale
4 Dark Knight- the Joker

More here at 3yearsofroses
12:34am 12/12/2005
  i am a huge fan of christina (especially her wednesday addams character, as you can probably tell, haha)... i was wondering if anyone knew where you can get a copy of her "little red riding hood" movie?  
10:18am 29/09/2005

hi, i'm new. the names erin. i live in canada. here's a present!

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09:39am 14/10/2004
  If you want to see a clip of Christina on the catwalk during that fashion show, just go here http://www.vuitton.com/ and scroll down to fashion show. There's a photo and video option.  
06:36pm 13/10/2004
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Go here for new pictures from Giant Magazine. Stunning, Assss usual. You can tell her mother was a model!


Don't think we can get this in the UK.

And making an appearance on the catwalk at Paris Fashion Week. Oh to have been there!


"US actess Christina Ricci presents a creation by US designer Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton during the Spring-Summer 2005 Ready to Wear collections presentations in Paris 10 October 2004."

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"The Opposite of Sex" 
11:49pm 27/09/2004
  Anyone here seen it?

I read the Synopsis on the IMDb after some people were slagging Christina off for her 'Common-ness' and smoking/swearing habits...

...It sounds the weirdest of plots, ok not weird as such but definately something that could be very good or very crap!!

6.7 on the IMDb....I'll have to look into it some more.
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08:02pm 23/09/2004
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I flt I should post. I'm gonna be redoing the communities design later this week. I've got sewing to be done and a trip to High Wycomb to do so busy.

Christina is in Pop magazine. She's done a photoshoot for Louis Vuitton and there's a two page interview with one of the photographerss The magazines £5. But it's practically an inch thick so definetly worth it.
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The First Post 
01:08am 22/09/2004
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And after about 5 minutes of pondering the option, the LJ is started.

It definetly needs a redecorate!
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